You will always be my greatest adventure. I love you when you are happy, but I love you even more when you are sad. I love you on your joys, but I will love you even more on your struggles because I know life gets difficult for everybody. You still deserve to be loved no matter how ugly the situations are. You deserve all the love in the world, no matter how little you think of yourself. I will always think highly of you, because I know what you can bring into this world. I know what you can do, and I believe that you can do a hundred-fold more.

I love you enough to let you go and be the person you want to be, to figure out your dreams and your plans on your own – without any pressure from me or from anybody else, without anyone dictating what you must and musn’t do. Take all the time you need...

This isn’t going to be easy peasy, but if and when you finally see what you’re looking for, when you have achieved clarity, when you find you — you know where to find me.


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